Thursday, October 1, 2009

Post 11 - Two weeks after XCell treatment

Today marks two weeks since receiving my stem cell implant at the XCell Center. At the beginning of this blog I promised to keep my comments factual and honest. Well, I must honestly report there has been no noticeable improvement in my MSA condition; in fact, a few of my symptoms seem worse than before. I think I’m still paying the price for being overly active during the trip to Germany. I walked too much and dragged around a suitcase and carry-on computer bag. Combine that with flight delays and hanging around airports and I’m not surprised by the subsequent headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and sciatica-like pain from my buttocks down both legs to my calves. I’m assuming this is all trip-related since it’s slowly lessening thanks to ibuprofen and hot showers.

What concerns me more are the worsened balance and gait problems, erratic sleep habits, constant fatigue, and pronounced dizziness when standing or walking. While I was prepared to experience some “down side” with the entire process, this is more than I anticipated. I suppose there is nothing else now then to just “tough it out” and hope to experience gradual improvement.

I do suggest to those considering stem cell therapy in Germany or elsewhere; remember you are there for a significant medical procedure and not to wear yourself out as a tourist – like me.

I’ll be back in two weeks – hopefully with a more optimistic report


  1. Maybe this kind of thing takes a little bit of time to notice? I know som other changes with the body take a while to notice improvements, like getting in shape, for example. It feels worse after a jog but then after time things improve?). Maybe this takes time too? Hoping for the best. Hang in there... :)

  2. Hallo Steve & Fran,
    Thank you for the blog. My mother has MSA and we are following your blog to gain some insite in this treatment. We are from South Africa.

    Good luck, thinking of you.

  3. Hello Uncle Steve and Aunt Fran,
    Uncle Steve, I admire your courage and you ability to find the light in this trying situation. If i grow to be half as respectable and encouraging as you do i will consider myself more than lucky. Please know I am praying for a speedy recovery. I love you always, Kristi. xo

  4. Dear Steve and Fran,

    I really just wanted to stop in to let you know that I think of you often and check this blog frequently hoping to read that the stem cell treatment has helped tremendously. As always, I pray for your recovery as well as my brother's.


  5. Hi Steve
    Wanda felt pretty much as you do now after her treatment. Her neurologist said if there were to be any changes to her condition it would not even begin for months. Wanda can see no improvement in the MSA but at this time feels better in herself - 9 weeks on. Her BP is now much more stable - we used to check daily but now monitor it every 7 days or so. Hope you begin to feel better soon but don't expect too much to soon. Vic

  6. Steve,
    You have been a friend for many years. Your a person who has ALWAYS CARED FOR OTHERS, been a champion for children across this nation, a fighter, a stong willed and honorable person. We hope and pray your experience in Germany accomplishes great results. I pray for your good health. T.Smith