Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Post 75 - Odds and Ends (no pun intended)

It has been a while, so I (Fran) thought I would let everyone know that the Bi-Pap machine is doing it's job.  The technician decided we needed a new machine. It took a while for the supply company, technician, and doctor to get on the same page but finally tweaking some numbers solved the problems.  I think it took so long because I was trying to be nice and not my usual impatient self. Well sometimes vinegar works better than sugar.  Yes, the alarm still goes off but only several times a night. Steve is getting a restful sleep and wakes up refreshed.  He will be trying a new full face mask in April because the smaller mask irritates the bridge of his nose.
For those who asked, the machine itself is whisper soft. If you use an older machine and it is noisy,  get yourself a newer model.

Life never stays uneventful for long.  For several days Steve complained of an odd sensation on one side of his buttocks. He was worried he was developing a bed sore.

So what did it turn out to be......SHINGLES!  On day 3 I could see the signs of small blisters in a linear pattern.  We went immediately to the doctor.  Funny thing is that Steve had the shingles vaccination three years ago.  We are finding out that it is only 67% effective.  Between the vaccination and the prompt dosing of an anti viral drug he has a mild case.  Thank goodness. Hopefully it will be all cleared up by our next posting.

Some good news is that the FDA has finally approved the drug droxidopa.  This drug has been used successfully in Japan for decades for orthostatic hypotension.
People with OH have a sudden severe drop of  blood pressure when they stand up, causing dizziness and sometimes fainting. It will be available in 6 months.  We will see our GP about this.  If he does not agree to prescribe and monitor it then we will  have to deal with our neurologist. We will keep you posted.

We hope you are all seeing some signs of Sping wherever you may be.

Fran and Steve.