Saturday, April 17, 2010

Post 24 - Seven months after treatment

There’s been a change in my overall status – and I’m sorry to say it isn’t for the better.

My balance and gait have declined noticeably over the past month. I’m having a difficult time walking and have come very close to a major fall on several occasions – in fact one did occur while cleaning and storing a pool cover. Everything was going well until I carried the cleaned and folded cover toward an equipment closet, lost my balance and fell right into the pool. Thank goodness it was a soft, albeit wet, landing.

I’m guessing that some of this problem stems from the fact I’ve been more physically active this past month. We have sold our house and I’m doing lots of things in preparation for the move. I’m probably trying to do more than I should and need to be more careful – I definitely don’t need a broken bone or other injury. I’m hopeful when the move is concluded in June, and I get into a more normal routine, the balance/gait issue will improve.

Otherwise – all other “systems” are about the same. See you in a month