Sunday, June 1, 2014

Post 77 - New Month, New Message

I'm glad to say that things are going along pretty well.

I am irrigating Steve's catheter every morning and that seems to be keeping the sediment buildup in check.
Steve has finally acclimated to the bi-pap machine and we only need to adjust it once or twice a night because it moves and causes an air leak.  When there is a leak the noises it makes sounds like Steve is a one man band.  It's entertainment while we sleep.

Caregiving is a full time job that is both exhausting and physical and we are concerned about the toll it is taking on me. Steve had a regular doctor's appointment this month and the doctor saw the progression in Steve and also how hard it is for me to manage him physically. Therefore he contacted hospice and arranged for a house visit.
Although Steve's disease has progressed he did not qualify for hospice yet. I guess I should be happy but I guess I was hoping for some help. The hospice organization is wonderful.  We are now in "Transition Hospice" which means a volunteer will come and stay with Steve for 4 hours a week to allow me some respite.  The only problem is that most of the volunteers are snow birds and they have flown the coop.  We are hoping that they will recruit some nice, new folks and we can start the program soon.
Meanwhile I have contracted with a home health agency to come in several mornings a week to help with Steve's personal needs.  That starts tomorrow.

In several months Hospice will evaluate him again.  The criteria they look at is weight loss,  loss of appetite, bed sores, pain and several other things.
So, yes, I am happy that Steve has not reached that stage.

We are looking forward to an uneventful summer.  We have learned to accept the hot and humid days of Florida.  Hopefully there will not be any hurricanes anywhere nearby.
Both girls and our granddaughter will be visiting soon so that will definitely brighten our days.