Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Post 10 - Summing Up the XCell Experience

I am writing this summary just a few days after returning from Cologne, Germany and less than a week after undergoing the XCell stem cell therapy procedure. I mention that because right now my overall physical condition is influenced by jet lag and travel stress. A week living in a hotel, eating different foods, walking much more than usual, airport delays, and dragging luggage and a fairly heavy carry-on would have worn me out on my best days. Now combine all of that with my current MSA condition and I’m not feeling particularly well at the moment. Ibuprofen is keeping the headache, stiff neck/shoulders, and back ache at bay. I’m still somewhat fatigued that’s evident in my balance and walking which is a bit worse than before. Today (Wednesday) is a little better than yesterday so I anticipate another week or more of “recovery” will be needed before I can judge if the therapy has had any immediate effect. I’m also prepared for the “long haul” of several months to learn if there’s been a positive difference. Right now, I plan to briefly describe my MSA condition on this blog every 2 weeks.

I can say without hesitation I have absolutely no regrets from undergoing the treatment at XCell. The staff and facility were exceptional. Cologne is a beautiful city with many attractions, super-friendly residents, and excellent restaurants. What I wrote in the introduction to this blog remains true today, “If I do nothing, the result will be nothing.”

Two other mentions: First, if anyone has specific questions about my XCell experience please contact me at the following e-mail address and I’ll be happy to reply. And second, please allow me to wish Fran - my wife, executive assistant, travel coordinator, medical consultant, and chief caregiver, a very Happy Birthday today. There was no way I could have undertaken this procedure without her planning and constant support.


  1. I love this quote: "If I do nothing, the result will be nothing." Happy birthday to your wife!

  2. Steve, You don't know me but I was referred to your blog by my mother. My father and she will be making the trip to Germany so that my dad can undergo the same procedure. I have been unsure about it all---even though I've been in the medical field for many years--as has my father. I have found comfort in your blog. Thanks SO much for sharing!! And I pray that you & he have found the miracle cure!! Thanks, again! Jessica in Oklahoma