Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Post 61 - Where do the Months Go?

I must apologize to readers of this blog for the delay between postings. I try to post at least every thirty days but I realized today that I haven't posted since January19th.

In my defense, my mind may have been somewhat preoccupied by the fact that I've been fighting a UTI during the entire month of of February. For the uninformed, a UTI is short for urinary track infection, a condition many MSA'ers are familiar with.

I think I've whipped this bout of infection, through lots of juice and a prescription for the antibiotic, Cipro,

Finally, I've learned the most likely way I contacted this infection was less than spotlessness at the catheter site. Lesson Learned: Germs are ubiquitous. Scrub up thoroughly even if you don't think its necessary.