Saturday, October 31, 2009

Post 13 - 6 weeks after treatment at XCell

About six weeks have gone by since I returned from Germany and stem cell implantation. If there has been any improvement in my condition, I would describe it as ‘modest,’ at best. Fran and my daughters and a few friends have made comments such as, “You seem to be walking straighter,” “You look steadier,” “Your voice sounds stronger,” and “You look better than before.” The last comment may be because I’ve gained several pounds and even I have to admit I look less gaunt. Overall, I feel pretty well. I’m keeping up the exercises and waiting anxiously for SW Florida to cool off (still near 90 each day).

My main complaint right now involves disturbed sleep due to frequently waking up to use the bathroom. I’m averaging between 5 to 6 hours sleep each night with about 3 interruptions. As a result I usually need to nap in the afternoon and can't help dozing off and on starting around 9:30 each night. I told my urologist I was unhappy with the Sanctura he prescribed (the latest in a long line of similar medications). His suggestion was for me to consider a procedure known as InterStim which implants small battery powered electrodes (similar to a pacemaker) in the sacral nerves of the lower back which control bladder function. What I’ve researched so far makes InterStim look like a promising alternative to medications with only limited effectiveness.

Finally, I’m happy Pat and Eddie’s trip to the XCell Center went well. And good luck to Skeet as well as Tulio, who both will be heading to XCell in early November.

I’ll be back in about two weeks with the next progress report.

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