Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Post 12 - Four weeks after XCell treatment

Its four weeks now since I underwent stem cell treatment at the XCell Center in Cologne, Germany.

Fortunately, the fatigue and body aches mentioned in my last entry have subsided. Some of the other MSA-related symptoms that seemed to get worse right after the treatment have improved as well – namely balance, dizziness and sleep disturbance. All in all, I’m pretty much the same as just before the trip to Germany.

As noted by the doctors at the XCell Center, it may take up to six months before meaningful improvement is observed. To help things along, I’ve resumed my modest exercise regimen of stretches, weights, and stationary bicycle. I wish the weather here in SW Florida would finally cool down (its still 90 and humid during the day) so it’s safe to walk my overweight little dog, Chico.

I’ll post again in two weeks and will keep doing so every two weeks until all these MSA-related symptoms are just a bad memory. In the meantime – good luck to MSA’ers like Eddie (& Pat) who will soon take the trip to Germany in the search for a healthy, MSA-free life.


  1. I am happy to hear things are getting a little better. My son is going to Germany for the same treatment you received at the end of this month. He has the same thing as you but I think a little worse. He cannot do the walking you described. We have been keeping up with you from the first and you were part of the reason we chose Germany. This is a 47 year old man who was still working in Feb. of this year and has deteriated rapidly in the last 8 months. He now cannot walk without aide, his speech is very hard to understand, his gait is unsteady, he falls frequently. We're hoping for the best with this stem cell treatment.

    the best to you and yours;

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling better. Thank you for the good wishes! We're just anxious and excited to get this done. We'll be in Cologne by the 17th, with procedures scheduled for the 19th and 21st.
    Eddie (and Pat)

  3. Hey Steve, we're glad you're feeling better. Keep it up! And, thanks for keeping us updated through your Blog. Best to you and Fran, and you're always in our thoughts.
    Gene and Gerri

  4. Steve and Fran,

    Again, a huge thank you for sharing your story and for taking the time to keep us updated on your progress. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better and that things should continue to improve over the next few months. I see my Mom posted above - my brother will be in Germany on Nov. 2. You experience has given us so much hope that he, too, will show some improvement. You are truly an inspiration! A very humble Thank You and continued prayers for even more improvement.


  5. I am glad to hear that everything turned out alright and also VERY happy to hear that the XCell-Center is in fact real and not a scam. I am scheduled for treatment at the same Center by the same Dr. on the week from Nov.6-15, I will be going for SCI and the Lumbar Puncture will be around L4-L5, After much Research THIS BLOG has calmed me down and put the plug on any worries I have had. I would like to thank you VERY VERY VERY MUCH for making this BLOG and wish you the best of luck with your MSA!

  6. Godspeed to you and all those of us who have no choice but to try out experimental treatments. I am scheduled to go to Dusseldorf X Cell Center in two weeks on 6/21/10 to try and get better from my T9 Spinal Cord Injury.

  7. Hi - My brother is going for treatment. Were there any hidden charges we need to be aware of. Will we be billed extra for taxes? We are working overtime to raise the money and it is a big concern.
    thank You