Saturday, December 3, 2011

Post 44 - Belated Words of Thanks

If I wanted to use the traditional Thanksgiving date to list those things I’m grateful for - then I’m about a week late with this post. But maybe it’s better to wait a week, so my words of thanks won’t seem contrived or matter-of-fact.

I’ve got plenty to be grateful for, but I want to use this post to especially thank the many people, mostly strangers, who have made my life easier, more convenient and certainly safer by their random acts of caring. Contrary to the stereotype of a public who only seems to “look out” for themselves, I have received nothing but genuine kindness from a wide spectrum of people: drivers who stop their cars in the middle of a shopping center drive lane allowing me and my walker to safely pass; teenagers who hold a door open so I can slowly go through; hostesses or waiters who patiently guide me to spacious seating via ramps instead of steps and then store my walker so it’s not in anyone’s way; and those people who have rushed to my aid when I fell, as recently happened when I stumbled getting out of a barber’s chair.

I could go on at length describing episodes like the above when I didn’t always have the opportunity to say thanks for the help. So, to all you folks who put your busy lives on hold for a moment to help make the life of a total stranger a little easier – THANK YOU so very much for your kindness.

I must also express my gratitude to all my friends who are always available to lend me or Fran a helping hand to do those tasks I used to take for granted. To all of you, thanks for offering to help and never giving the slightest hint that it’s an imposition.

Like Lou Gehrig famously said –“I feel like the luckiest man alive.”

Happy Holidays to all and Best Wishes for 2012!