Friday, November 30, 2012

Post 58 - Another Concession

If you have spent your valuable time actually reading some of the many entries that make up this blog, you’ve noted a theme that pops up every now and then.  You may recall that I complain that I’ve had to grudgingly rely on an increasingly complex number of appliances – just to carry out my daily activities. 

Back so many years ago – it’s only been about 5 years – that MSA became a reality for me, I’ve gone from nothing to a cane, to a walker, to a motorized scooter, to a travel wheelchair, to a full-sized wheelchair, and now to the latest piece of equipment. 

Before I write about this latest addition to my artificial mobility, I have to admit that the last few items have been much easier for me to accept than the first.  The most difficult was actually the first, the use of a cane.  I guess that’s because the cane was the first outward sign that MSA was for real and that it was likely going to lead to its inevitable conclusion. 

Now that I’ve got you curious about what this latest addition could be – I am the happy new owner of a slightly used, 2005 edition of a Pride “Jazzy Ultra” motorized wheelchair which gets me around the house in no time – as long as I stop hitting doors and walls.  New, this chair - which even comes with a cup holder – retailed for around $6000.  Fortunately, I paid only a fraction of that because it was gently used.  I’ll get the hang of driving it soon – until then, you better watch your toes when I’m around.