Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Post 59 - Help for the Handicapped

Every other year, a quiet and subdued Christmas celebration takes place at our house – just a few close friends or relatives who aren’t heading north or who live here year-round.
Next Christmas, however, the activities around here (and I expect to be here) should be merrier and certainly noisier, since our oldest daughter, Deb, our son-in-law, Mike, and our 8-year-old granddaughter, Lily, will be spending the Holidays with us.  And, if we’re really lucky, our youngest daughter, Lee, will get away for a few days and the whole family will be together.

 This “off year,” no matter how quiet and peaceful, was not without its share of health-related surprises.  The first item was the gift I decided to give myself. Every time I chose to transfer from my wheelchair to some other chair was becoming more dangerous because I had to rely more on Fran’s help. That “team” act would be no problem if she and I were anywhere near the same size, but she’s nearly a foot shorter and considerately lighter, and a transfer always meant risking a fall or muscle strain. So, to guard against injury to either of us, we treated ourselves to a motorized “lift” chair from our local medical supply  store; the same one we got our scooter from a few years ago. The chair was delivered on Christmas Eve and has been working just fine.
The next item was a surprise from Fran to me, disguised with bright-colored Holiday wrapping.  Apparently, my dear wife is tired of cleaning up after me, especially around the dining table where food regularly spills from our standard shaped, every-day bowls. My gift, as much for herself as for me, was a few dishes especially designed for the handicapped or people with dexterity issues.  I’m pretty sure they’re working as intended – Fran has ordered the whole set and the dog isn’t hanging around my chair as much.

Seriously, let’s hope 2013 turns out to be Happy & Healthy for us all!