Saturday, January 19, 2013

Post 60 - Who Moved That Wall

Those of you who read Post 58 or, “Another Concession,” learned of my purchase of a
Jazzy ”Ultra” motorized wheelchair to take the place of my regular chair.  This power
chair was intended to make it easier to get around the  condo. 

I should have waited a few days before posting my final comments – in order to describe
how that intention actually worked out. With 5 forward speeds you’d think I’d get from
one end of the condo to the other, in no time at all.

The problem wasn’t speed. It seems that things kept getting in my way – like walls,
doorframes, and even a pesky piece of base molding I kept running into. I couldn’t figure it
out – the chair had become more of a battering ram – damaging everything it

It finally became clear what was causing the problem;  I’ve lost most of my sense of
depth perception which makes things seem closer or further away than they really are. 

Since there’s no improvement in sight, you’ll soon see a “For Sale” notice on Craig’s List or our
local Classified –before I knock down the condo!

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