Thursday, August 8, 2013

Post 67 – What Next?

By now you’re probably sick of hearing about the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced while adjusting to my supra-pubic catheter which was surgically implanted on May 10th  Just one more cautionary tale – one about something I didn’t see coming!

 Each week I have a visiting nurse stop by to check my vital signs and inspect the operation site.  Her job, on a monthly basis, is to remove the old catheter and replace it with a new one (a simple task that takes about 10 minutes).   The first time she made the change was about 60 days after the operation.  Actually, the very first time the catheter was changed was by the urologist’s nurse in the doctor’s office around 30 days after the procedure.   So, after 2 different nurses had no problem changing the catheter, I assumed every change would take place without a problem.  Little did I know!

Now it’s early on a Monday morning and the visiting nurse isn’t due until Friday to change the catheter.  I‘ve awakened early each of the prior 3 nights with a feeling of fullness (almost pain) in my bladder area.  On each of those 3 nights I could only get relief when I moved to a recliner and changed my position.

My wife, Fran, called the visiting nurse service later that morning and explained
my predicament.  Shortly afterward, the nurse called and confirmed she would
come over as soon as possible.  When the nurse arrived she changed the catheter and I immediately got relief.  It turned out that the old catheter was full of a grit- like substance that clogged the diameter of the tube therefore not allowing the urine to flow.

Hopefully, each month will not bring a new adventure of this type. 

I will keep you informed.



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