Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Post 50 - One of Those Days

Things have been going along pretty well lately. I’ve taken no falls, there haven’t been any hurry-up trips to the emergency room and my medicines seem to be doing their job. Everything considered, I’ve been getting along fine, which may have led to some complacency. I should have realized that Murphy’s Law (if it can go wrong - it will go wrong) was getting ready to pay me a visit.

Now that I’ve got your attention, you’ve got to use some imagination for the rest of this story. Picture a bright, sunny Florida morning, with the temperature just starting to heat up. Now picture me on my powered scooter taking the dog for a walk, like I do most mornings (actually, I ride and Chico walk & runs alongside). On this particular morning, we’re making a slight detour to mail a letter when the scooter stops scooting. There I am with a basically dead machine trying to control a dog who wants to go explore new territory and me without a cell phone to call for help. No alternative other than to corral Chico onto floor of the scooter and start pushing the several hundred yards back home, which I did, but very slowly (at least Chico thought the ride was fun). Naturally, once back home, the scooter began working properly (only to malfunction the next day). We’re currently waiting for the serviceman. Lesson learned: always carry a cell phone when taking these excursions!

You’d think that was enough excitement for one day but Murphy wasn’t done with me.

Later that evening, I was catching up on some e-mails when Fran called that it was time to eat. Normally, I switch from my desk chair (with rollers) to my wheelchair with no problem – not tonight. I started to get out of the desk chair when it decided to roll backwards and I went along with it. Instead of going back and sitting in the desk chair, I had started to make the transfer so I’m in “no-man’s land,” half-way between both chairs. Next thing I knew I was falling toward a glass-topped table I use to hold all my excess stuff. The shattering glass must have made the worst noise because Fran came running with towels to deal with what she was sure was a bloody mess. Luckily, I landed on an old keyboard I had on the table and not on the glass. Scary – but no injury. Lesson learned: try to stay off anything with wheels!

Overall lesson learned: if possible, go straight to the safety of your bed if you sense a Murphy’s Law day shaping up!


  1. Yikes! I'm so glad you didn't land on the glass, I was reading it worried about what was coming next! Have you ever submitted any of your writing to any magazines? I feel like it would make a good story for doctor magazines as it's from a patient's viewpoint. (Also useful to other people in this boat.)

    1. I'm glad you're finding the blog of interest.