Monday, July 25, 2011

Post 40 - Status Check

In preparation for my scheduled three month visit with my GP at the end of this week, I was taking stock of my current condition and listing any questions I wanted to ask him. I’ve learned to make the list ahead of time so I don’t forget something while speaking with him (I’m forgetting simple things more frequently as this disease progresses). While listing my current condition, I realized it’s been awhile since I compared the extent of my symptoms to earlier findings.

In Post #3 (Aug 2009), I felt my condition deserved a 4 out of a total of 10 with a 10 being the worst (completely dependent for care). In Post #23, seven months later (Mar 2010), I happily reported no significant deterioration and again felt my condition rated another 4. That optimism was short-lived, however, when just three months later in Post 26 (Jun 2010), I reported an overall deterioration of most symptoms, which realistically raised the listing to a 6.

Here we are in late July of 2011 – almost a year since the last time I offered a rating. First, let me state that my symptoms are basically the same as I spelled out in Post #3, nearly two years ago. With the exception of serious sleep disturbances, each of them continues – only worse. Judging on how much I’m depending on Fran and my friends for everyday assistance, I now feel my overall condition rates an 8. Fortunately, there’s no pain associated with this condition (unless, of course, I continue to fall, trip, or stumble).

My medication list hasn’t changed much – actually it’s been reduced:
B-12 injection (1x monthly)
Folic acid (in conjunction w/B-12) (2x daily)
Paxil (to avoid cluster headaches) (1x daily)
Florinef (for low BP) (1x daily)
Sanctura (for urinary issues) (1x daily)

I don’t anticipate my GP will change anything – either physically or pharmacologically – but who knows? I’ll post any changes.

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