Saturday, January 29, 2011

Post 33 - Can We Please Cancel 2011?

Would any of you mind very much if we cancelled 2011 and skipped right to 2012? I ask because if January is any indication of how the rest of the year will turn out, I don’t think I can handle eleven more months of similar excitement.

I started off January wondering if a stroke was looming after a couple of TIA-like episodes had my family doctor guessing some blood vessel debris had broken loose and caused a momentary blockage. However, a visit to my neurologist a few days later drew a different and unexpected diagnosis; a cluster headache bringing about symptoms that mimic a TIA – but doesn’t have anything to do with an actual stroke.

Things were pretty uneventful until the 21st when the next adventure began. Seems like I couldn’t, as my father used to say, “pass water.” After two unsuccessful days of waiting for nature to solve the problem, I made a late night visit to the local emergency room for some very welcome relief. They even presented me with a gift – my very own Foley catheter which I have to leave in place for several more days until my urologist returns from vacation.

Maybe I’ll wait to see how February turns out before pushing to cancel out the rest of the year.


  1. Ugh, that IS a tough start to the year. It seems like 2011 is getting off to a rough beginning for a lot of people (me too). Here's hoping February is better. I'm glad that there was no actual TIA (sorry for the cluster headaches though, they're no fun).

  2. Hi Steve ! I am (70 years old) Victor from Italy, suffering MSA-P since one year (scale 3 of your rating): thanks for your very human history of your disease ! I was wondering if applying to x-cell treatment but unfortunately your report does'nt encourage me to do it ! Anyway thanks again and my very best whishes !!

  3. My dad was diagnosed with MSA... while looking for information about this desease I came across your blog... It's really helpful reading about other people experiences... Thank you for sharing! I will be following for new updates...

  4. Hi Steve, my husband Peter and I still read your blog every month and are wishing all the best for this year. I wrote earlier that Peter has been taking Riluzole for the past two months. We will travel to Tubingen tomorrow to see if the doctor can determine if it has helped. Peter hasn't noticed much difference, but I think he is a bit better. We will keep you updated and were wondering if you have tried it. Cindy and Peter

  5. Hi Steve and Fran - I just happened to come across your blog. Thank you for sharing your journey. My husband has recently been diagnosed with MSA and it has been difficult for us and in particular it has been hard to find any support groups. He is in his early 50's and just recently had to quit working and driving. His speech is very slurred and his balance is difficult and is now walking with a cane. I will continue to follow your blog and wanted to say thank you so much for sharing! Stay strong and my best to you and Fran