Thursday, November 26, 2009

Post 15 - Ten weeks after stem cell treatment

It seems like only a few days ago, but it’s actually been ten weeks since my trip to Cologne, Germany and stem cell treatment at the XCell Center.

Until now, I’ve reported no noticeable change in my overall MSA status. I think I’ve basically said that I have felt no different than I did before receiving the treatment.

That statement was accurate until just a few days ago - when I experienced a feeling of subtle improvement. Sure, I still walk unsteadily, slur some multi-syllable words, and have a “thick” throat after talking loudly (I teach an Elderhostel program and my voice and throat are affected after an hour or so) – but recently these and other MSA symptoms just don’t seem as pronounced. Like I said, it’s a subtle change but one I hope is just the start of a lasting improvement.

So, I’m cautiously optimistic about my current status – cautious because it’s too soon to know if it’s real, but optimistic that it may be the start an upward trend.

Finally, I’ve added a link to the blog of Mariko S. who is considering a trip to XCell. She joins Eddie, Skeet, and a growing list of others who have or may soon begin a stem cell segment on their MSA Journey.


  1. This breakthrough in stem cell treatment will go a long way in saving many a lives throughout the world.

  2. Steve,

    Thanks for continuing to post. We have our fingers crossed for more good news.

    Jack Riley

  3. Steve & Fran,

    Any positive change, no matter how subtle, has to be encouraging. We really appreciate your regular updates and hope to hear that there have been continued improvements. Even stopping or slowing the disease's progression is encouraging. We are hopeful together with you.

    Franklin (and Mariko) Salveson

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